Top 5 Makeup Trends We Should Ditch


Insane Contour and Highlight.

I always tell people, if you don’t have the patience to blend, just skip this step. The striped look is worse than having a flat looking face.


Overdrawn Lips.

I’m all for faking bigger lips, however, when its so noticeable that the only thing people can stare at is your mouth, its time to make a change.


Bronzer/Blush Overload.

Makeup should accentuate your beauty, not take away from it.

Overdrawn BROWS

Overdrawn Brows.

Just like your lips, when you overdraw your brows to the point where it’s the only thing people can focus on, it’s time to tone them down. I’m all about filling in brows (clearly..I barely have any!) Just make sure to work with what you’ve got!

color correcting

Color Correcting.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this can do WONDERS to the face. Fortunately, not all of us need this. Don’t just buy a color correcting palette because it’s trending. It can definitely be a waste of your money.

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