Everything you NEED to know on Flat Irons

Straightening out the Facts on Flat Irons

Despite the name flat iron, the styling tool has become a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hair. From straightening, to beachy waves, and even a tight curl, the right flat iron can do it all. But like all heating tools, being aware of the damage means maybe splurging a little extra to keep your as healthy as it is beautiful!

The first thing to look at is the plate material—ceramic and titanium are definitely the best. Ceramic plates are gentle on your hair, but titanium plates are the favorite of professional hair stylists. Second is finding an iron that straightens (or curls) your type of hair at the lowest possible heat setting with the fewest passes. Being aware of the true material is important when looking for your next flat iron—some brands are coated in ceramic but expect you to pay the same price as real ceramic. But if the coating wears thin, the exposed metal underneath could be extra damaging to your hair.

Ceramic VS Titanium

Once you’ve chosen your flat iron, it is important to continue healthy hair habits like these:

  • Always use a heat protectant. Period. You could buy the best flat iron on the market, but you are still putting damaging heat onto your gorgeous locks and you want to keep it as protected as possible.
  • Section your hair. Doing this makes for less passes and in turn, less heat exposure. It may seem a bit more time consuming but it ends up being less damaging in the long run!
  • Flat ironing should be a one-handed job. Don’t use both hands to press the plates together thinking that it will speed up the process. Flat irons are meant to be used with one hand and using it any other way could result in breaking your hair and unevenly distributing heat—not to mention possibly burn your fingers!

In the end, A good flat iron will style your hair at the lowest temperature with the fewest number of passes. Irons that subject your strands to too much heat, tugging, or inferior materials just aren’t worth investing in. recently released their top flat iron picks and you can see them here:

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    Good to know the difference about flat irons! The whole ceramic vs titanium is so confusing!

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