Travel With Me – Chicago

Chicago, you have officially stolen my heart.

I’ve always talked about traveling to Chicago, but never made it until this year. Everyone I know always raved about the city calling it, their most FAVORITE city and I now know why. I was only there for 3 days… Definitely NOT enough time, but I took advantage of the good, yet still chilly weather and did everything I could to get a feel for this fabulous city.

Since I was hesitant on posting this… considering I’m primarily a “Beauty Blog” with a dash of Bachelor/Bachelorette Gossip 🙂 , I don’t have as many photos as I’d like to show you all. However, if you’re interested in my new “Travel” section on my blog, let me know and I’ll definitely be more prepared next Vacay!

So.. Lets explore Chicago!


This is a donut from Dunkin Donuts – Ok, don’t laugh! We JUST got this chain in LA not too long ago and I still hadn’t tried the infamous donut. What better time to experiment and try for the first time this sugar filled treat in a brand new city?!

Pizzeria Due

Deep Dish Pizza is a necessity in Chicago or so I’ve heard. To be honest, I’m not a huge Deep Dish fan, however this pizza was unlike anything I’ve ever tried. As you can tell from the photo, the cheese is just oozing off and that crust.. WOW. It’s not overly sweet and strangely enough, not too “doughy.” Best believe – I ate that whole thing.


After walking 10.7 miles the first day, I treated myself to a Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Not only did I burn an insane amount of calories, it was pretty chilly so I needed something warm. Best grilled cheese I’ve had in a long time. Oh and I paired it with a Sauvignon Blanc… Does that go together? I wouldn’t know… Haha, but it sure tasted great! 🙂

Quartino Ristorante

An Italian restaurant I found on Yelp with 3,340 4 Star reviews.. so it must be good, right? The gnocchi melted in your mouth and that pesto… I get hungry just thinking about it. I highly recommend this spot. They have a huge bar area – in case you have trouble getting a table.

Downtown Dog’s

I’m not real hot dog fan, so I went in thinking, “do i really want this?” My tour guide from the Architect tour told me it was a necessity to have a “Chicago Dog”, but to be honest… this was nothing to rave about.

Girl & the Goat

Now don’t kill me… I have ZERO photos of this HIGHLY recommended restaurant. However, maybe thats a good thing considering you’ll just have to trust my opinion and check it out yourself! Girl & the Goat has 5,953 4.5 Star reviews on Yelp for a reason. Some of the most rich – yet light, scrumptious tasting food I’ve ever had. All small plates so expect to order a lot. Oh and be prepared to make a reservation way in advance. I called a week ahead of time and the only reservation they could give me was one on Monday @ 10:30pm!


North Side

As I was strolling the North Side, I found this on a side of a building. Just thought it was photo worthy!


The Bean!

As a tourist, taking a picture in front of the bean is a necessity! Tip: Go at night, you won’t have the crowds!

Willis Tower

If you’re afraid of heights, this may be your last day on earth. However, if you’re not… you NEED to go to Willis Tower! This fun, yet terrifying experience is well worth it! When was the last time you saw 108 stories beneath you?

Architecture Tour 

 Some of the most beautiful architecture I had ever seen. Every building seemed to have their own style – all for their own quirky reasons. I had an amazing, well educated tour guide that explained in detail the history of the city and also gave a list of our to-do’s for us first timers in Chicago.

The Views

View from the Architecture tour

View from Cindy’s

View from my hotel

View from Navy Pier

Ha! View in Nordstroms.. A bar smack dab in the middle. Perfect for those S/O’s that don’t like to shop.

Things To Do (Not Pictured)

Go Shopping – Michigan Ave. is great!

Attend a Chicago Sporting Event

Catch a Concert/Movie at Millennium Park

Go to all the Museums

Restaurants/ Bars To Visit (Not Pictured)

Copper Fox Gastropub

The Gage



Babette’s Bar & Boeuf

The Publican

Drawing Room

Lou Malnati’s Pizzera

I’m sure I’m forgetting things due to my excitement on writing this post, so please let me know if I’m missing out of something down below!

Would love to hear what you love about Chicago!

XO, Lindsay

I am a Los Angeles based freelance celebrity makeup artist. I specialize in television/film, print, bridal, and special events.


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