WEIRD Beauty Hacks NOT Worth Trying

…according to the internet.

  1. USING GLUE TO REMOVE BLACKHEADS. Ingredients in the glue could be hazardous to the skin, causing serious irritation.
  2. APPLYING DIAPER RASH CREAM TO CLEAR ACNE. Can actually worsen your acne rather than helping it.
  3. USING TOOTHPASTE TO TREAT A PIMPLE. Will most likely dry out the pimple to excess causing it to take longer to heal.
  4. SPRAYING PAM TO QUICKLY DRY NAILS. It helps the top coat dry quicker, however does nothing for the actual polish underneath. Needless to say, expect smudges.
  5. APPLYING CLEAR NAIL POLISH TO COVER COLD SORES. As someone that suffers from this, I can tell you with confidence to NEVER do this. It already takes way too long to get rid of them, why irritate the skin even more?
  6. USING DEODORANT IN YOUR T-ZONE. It may help with underarm sweat, but it is absolutely not meant for the face.
  7. HOT SAUCE FOR A LIP PLUMPER. I think we all know better than to try this out.
  8. USING A TORTILLA TO BLEND OUT YOUR FOUNDATION. It seems to be the new trend to use unconventional objects to blend out your makeup. Just stick to the regular tools, please.
  9. REMOVING DEAD SKIN BY SOAKING FEET IN MOUTHWASH. According to the experts, the high amount of alcohol can remove an entire layer of skin. However, it didn’t work whatsoever when I tried it.
  10. APPLYING VASELINE TO GROW YOUR LASHES. It can actually clog your pores which can lead to eye infections, acne, and cysts. Use Castor Oil instead.


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XO, Lindsay

I am a Los Angeles based freelance celebrity makeup artist. I specialize in television/film, print, bridal, and special events.


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