Lindsay Bryan born, raised, and currently still living in Los Angeles, California with her husband, Jake and their cat, Wayne.  She discovered her passion for beauty at a young age, but made it her career after graduating college. She is full time makeup artist, wife, blogger, and lover of all things girly. 

A mix of beauty, style, and a hint of gossip. 

As a Makeup Artist I am constantly asked, “what is your favorite…” or “what’s the best…” or even “what do you think would be great for me?” I figured it was about time I start blogging about the the things I can’t live without, the items that break my bank account, and the products I will never be caught dead buying again. Now these are only my opinions, I don’t claim to be a Cosmetics God, but I do know just a little bit about this stuff after being in it for as many years as I have. 🙂 

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